Sunday lunch
‘Mouthful for mouthful it was the best Sunday roast I can remember eating in Birmingham’

Southwards the next highest restaurant resides in the Shard, London, and the other way is at the top of Toronto’s CN Tower in Canada.

I think, its the kind of fact that sounds good on a first date, or a special date, I was on an anniversary. Orelle is the kind of place which is where you go when you’ve got something to celebrate, and we were celebrating every day of the last four years.

A Harden’s listed D&D restaurant, Orelle provides the Birmingham food scene with fine French dining.

The restaurant, which is on the 24th floor of The Mercian, has one of the most impressive spaces in the city. The toilets are on the 23rd floor and have a better ambience and music than some Broad Street clubs.

The panoramic views provides a live, moving artwork which always has something in the teeming metropolis below which catches the eye.

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